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A Brief Review of ESET Antivirus

Every antivirus now offers different features. It also delivers protection from other types of threats including malware, phishing sites, identity theft, etc. ESET went further and added even more features for the users. They include NOD 32 and a Host Intrusion Prevention System. In complex, they deliver excellent protection and can be used as an elaborate control system. The developer also offers a scanner for the firmware. While they sound very advanced and complicated for an average user, these features are optional. Let’s learn more about ESET Antivirus and compare the pros and cons to define if it’s worth your attention.

General Overview

First of all, each ESET review mentions that there are many versions of ESET Antivirus. They may differ in the number of options and features as well as in price. However, all of them deliver great antivirus protection. Every version is sure to detect and remove various types of malware and viruses. The program even deals with PUAs. Technically, it’s not a virus, yet it may bring you lots of troubles.

ESET is known for having a very simple and user-friendly interface. From here you can run scans and get information about the updates, issues, etc. If you want to go deeper, you’ll discover lots of complicated settings that you can adjust to your preferences if needed. The main window also reflects the main components. The ones that are active and work fine will be colored green. If some actions are required or the component is not active, you’ll see other colors (grey, yellow, red).

The main advantages you are sure to get:

  1. Very good protection services proved by the independent lab tests.
  2. HIPS component which blocks exploits.
  3. UEFI scanner to detect malware, firmware, etc.
  4. Complete control system for all devices within a household or organization.
  5. Tons of customizable features and settings.

The main disadvantages you can’t ignore:

  1. Weak protection from phishing sites
  2. It can be too complicated for an average user

As you see, there is still room for improvement.

The Comprehensive Device Control System

If you search for antivirus for your business, you are sure to like this feature. It’s an interesting tool that lets you control which devices to use or ignore. For businesses, it’s an extra layer of protection against data theft. Moreover, it will prevent viruses from getting to the PC from USB drives. While it’s not always included in the ESET review, it’s still worth your attention.

ESET is one of the few companies that offer this feature nowadays. If you get it, you’ll be able to control all the devices from a single window. The features also let you group the devices, set common rules or individual ones, etc. There are 3 basic actions you can choose from. They are:

  • Block the usage of the device
  • Open it in a read-only mode
  • Allow full read/write privileges

Extra Tools you may Add to the Bundle

Depending on the tools you need, you can pick different plans that may or may not include:

  1. The Security Report
  2. The Running Processes
  3. LiveGrid
  4. SysRescueLive Tool
  5. System Cleaner
  6. SysInspector; etc

Verdict on ESET

All in all, ESET is a great antivirus solution for advanced users. It’s affordable, reliable, and very configurable. While it can be used by anyone, tech people are likely to benefit more by using extra tools and features. Moreover, it’s a good choice for business owners. The complete security system has some unique features to offer. They’ll protect the data and devices from any third-party intrusions.