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Top Antivirus Reviews

When looking for the antivirus software to install in your PC, you will find different antivirus programs which assure to protect it against any malware threat. Unluckily, with many of the programs, you will not test their features. The reason is that they do not offer free or trial versions. Some do obviously, but others are not effective, and you will require the right antivirus for the PC quickly. The starting point which you will have should be the reading reviews of the antivirus software for the top programs that are in the industry. These reviews are supposed to be written by experts and customers so that you can get the impartial evaluation for these products.
Finding the top antivirus is not hard for you are supposed to find the information on the reviews, the comparison sites, and reputable retailer websites. By these, you will be able to choose the best antivirus for your PC. Here are some of the top antivirus.


This type of antivirus has many best tools which are hard to get any other antivirus. Among the impressive feature which it has is the capacity to monitor the privacy settings on Twitter and Facebook. This is also to block any mischievous links which can be pushed to the computer from the friends. The feature is vital as malware and phishing threats have worsened on social networking sites because of popularity.
Another feature which you get form BitDefender is the Anti-Fraud filter. It is the anti-phishing feature which detects and also blocks websites which can scam the fake bank URLs, employment scams, and escrow scams. And with other purposes, it monitors your credit with the credit monitoring service.


This Antivirus is well-known by any leading test lab because of it’s the top antivirus program. Among the labs is the Virus Bulletin that has been awarded for VB100%, the recognition of its 100 percent success rate when removing wild viruses. Unluckily, the price of Kaspersky’s is somehow high as you can get the cheaper software which is to from other top programs. It includes the three-user license can protect three PCs at once.
The impressive feature of Kaspersky is the virtual keyboard. Typically, with this feature, you can use it to prevent the credit card, username, and password theft. You can use it for the sensitive information just by clicking on a digital keyboard with the mouse. Therefore, this stops the keyloggers and also other spying programs to stop stealing personal data.


Panda is the top antivirus software with certification and approval from the leading body test. They show that it is the most effective when it comes to removing and detecting malware threats like Trojans, viruses, keyloggers, adware, and spyware, among others. The AV-Test, for instance, gives it excellent scores by being the best antivirus programs.

Likewise, it has the features of USB Vaccine that inoculates the newly USB drives which is inserted and stops spread of the autorun.inf threats. The feature vaccinates the whole computer as it disables any of the autorun function from the USB drives.